New Hampshire Lakeside Retreat


            The look of this Lake Winnepesaukee year-round residence is inspired by the beauty of the land surrounding the home, from the red oak floors to the natural stone of the massive fireplace, and the deep lake blues found in various fabrics. Designs of leaves and flowers are woven into the overall look of the home, from the embroidered blossoms on a chair to the subtle pattern of the dining room rug. Because the homeowners are avid art collectors, the walls are done in soft, natural hues so as to best showcase the art and continue the natural theme. Rooms are given a bit of spark through unique metal lamps and the stunning handcrafted brass chandelier in the dining room. A mirror with dragonfly design around the perimeter (shown above) provides a gleaming accent with a whimsical touch, as the insect art is a subtle reminder of their counterparts who skim the water on summer afternoons.