Classic Maine Cottage (Kennebunkport)


            This cottage captures the essence of the Maine coast with its windswept hues of blue and white, crisply painted woods and ocean views. But it was not always so...the cottage was initially a study in brown, as every room was nearly overpowered by natural wood and a rustic, lakeside theme. The new look is as fresh as a coastal breeze with gleaming white walls, cozy rugs and furniture in blues as varied as the ocean. Sturdy pine furniture stands up to an active family and pillows with fun accents of crabs and lobsters are reminiscent of days at the beach. The living room’s wrought iron chandelier was handmade in France and inspired by an armillary sphere, with the rings and hoops signifying the equator, tropics and Earth’s axis. 

_FG48460 copy.jpg

          The restful master bedroom is done completely in shades of white, with accents of soft blues and sea greens. Timeless touches such as a shell box and sunbonnet stand speak to summers’ gone by. In contrast, the white walls of the children’s room are a canvas for bold sweeps of red and navy blue, with yachting pennants on the walls, brightly colored furniture, oversize pillows and even a giant stuffed lobster adding lots of cheer. The family room retains the natural wood look, with walls, bookcases and built-ins showcasing the golden pine. A leather sofa in gleaming butternut and an Oriental rug in amber and tan are perfect compliments to the splendid wood.