Ocean’s Edge (Cape Elizabeth, Maine)


            Panoramic views of the ocean fill the windows of this exceptional oceanside home. With such splendor just steps away, Pat kept the interior more subdued, letting the natural tones of the Douglas-fir walls and oak floors compliment the ever-changing play of sea and sky. A palette of soft greens, grays and browns further ground the room as does the rustic wood furniture and the metal patina of several uniquely styled lamps. The dining room is a model of simplicity as again, the ocean is the star. The handmade cherry table is designed to partner with the drop-leaf table in the living area, instantly adding space if needed. Blues, grays and blacks evoke the sea in the modern kitchen where careful design maximizes a small space. A music room and children’s retreat are done in soft fabrics and neutral tones, while the teenage son’s room is blend of various blues.The desk window looks right out onto Portland Headlight, hence the window shades!

_FG48460 copy.jpg

          The basement den layers varying shades of tan and brown, evoking the feel of wood, sand and rock, as well as the textures of diverse woods and fabrics. The coffee table, with its criss-cross pattern, is inlaid with different recycled woods while the slat-wood chest under the television is teak with a black granite top. It houses numerous electronics which can be accessed via WiFi thanks to its open design. The freestanding spool lamp, reminiscent of a ship’s rope, is made of recycled wood, while the glass and metal side table holds a lamp made from cement.   Throughout the home, the rugs, carpets, countertops and accents are designed to echo the patterns and shapes of waves, sand and rocks. The wood furniture is all hand-planed or recycled in keeping with the natural wear and tear of wave on wood.